David Artavia

A warm spring morning during March in the city of San Jose set the backdrop for the birth of a self-taught artist. This artist–masterful in his translation of faint delicate strokes from brush to canvas– instills a tropical spirituality inviting the mind to interpret with autonomous freedom, the secrets hidden within the images. Fed by twenty years of passion, conviction, experience and a clear objective framing the best his talent could provide he is grounded by the reality of daily stress, dismissing the materialism of everyday life. David Artavia since 1979 saw things in a different light. He grew up in an environment being paved predominately by roads immersed in wise spiritual philosophies. This instilled a love of nature along with the need to live in harmony. The designs of an uncertain destination led his family back to the jungles and beaches of The Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica in the early 1990’s where he has been telling the story ever since.

It was here his family built its business of arts and crafts. It was an instant foundation in the development of David’s skills as an artist. It was in this place where he witnessed the formula for generating visual delight for foreign visitors looking for a memory of their “tequisia”. Today, it’s not only for gain, a desire to decorate while boasting of one’s experiences pertaining to personal spaces. It’s to capture while rescuing, honoring the beauty and essence that surround everyday.

The Pacific Coast provides a magical doorway through the sport of surfing, exploring and riding waves. As with waves you can navigate through its sudden changing path and not find room for disappointment in a growing collection. In short this artist is a spiritual mind that beyond generating satisfaction and delight to the eye invites his audience to think.

To see a full catalog of this artists’ works, please e-mail natalie@disegnohtx.com.