Diana Waguespack

How do you see an image? 

We all see the same image but may view it differently.  What you notice first, what appeals to you, what evokes emotion is different for each person.  Some focus on the subject matter while others on the artistic style.  There is no right or wrong way to view art.  Art is made up of many details to create the view and beauty that is seen by the beholder.  When Diana creates art through photography she looks for all the details that will evoke emotion through the elements and principles of design such as shape, texture and color just to name a few.  She thinks about how the viewer will feel when they see the image.  She wants the viewer to love what they see and feel the emotions that speak to them.

Diana’s love for art began when she was just a little girl, sitting on the porch drawing and painting with her dad, A.J. Schexnayder, a nationally recognized watercolor artist.  She attended the University of Houston where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education/Art All Level.  She has taught art and photography through private classes, workshops and public schools.  She taught Art at Hambrick Junior High School in the Aldine ISD, Art and Photography at Cypress Creek High School and Photography at Cypress Falls High School where she was the Visual Arts Department Chair in the Cypress Fairbanks ISD.  Diana retired from teaching in the public school system to pursue her passion for Fine Art and Photography.  Her work has been shown and recognized in national competitions. 

Diana creates many types of art and photography but Underwater Fashion Photography is her specialty and first love.  Being under water is where she feels the happiest and most free, allowing her mind to view the image and then capture it.  It is where she feels the most creative – it is where the magic begins!

To see a full catalog of this artists’ works, please e-mail natalie@disegnohtx.com.

Diana Waguespack – Deep Seated Leap