Fernando Perez

Fernando Perez was born on June 3, 1972, in Lima, Peru and now resides in Berlin, Germany. He attended the Universidad Catolica of Peru earning a Bachelor’s degree in forming art. His passion for the arts has continued as he has taken part in various exhibitions in Peru and became an Art Educator in 1997. He has taught art at various schools and universities in both Peru and Germany. Some of his other works while in Peru included illustrating for several journals and providing stage and costume designs for different groups of theater. In 2002, he began working under the name “noktiluca” creating Lights Sculptures and emigrated to Berlin, Germany in 2003 where is has been well appreciated by Berlin’s art scenery. Fernando has participated in several exhibitions and theater projects involving his “Lighting Sculptures”. In 2015, he started working also as puppeteer and with his animations program, has visited children and patients in the charity hospital campus of Virchow- Berlin. Fernando has now expanded his art exhibits to the United States. 

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Fernando Perez – Colt