Guillermo Diaz

Salvadorian-American artist Guillermo Diaz is a self-taught artist whose early works are photo-realistic portraits, highlighting his uncanny talent for capturing the 3-dimensional depth of the eyes of his subject.

Diaz incorporates a unique, painstaking method of painting his animal subjects, such as “Toro Rojo” (“Red Bull”) which involved the painting of each hair with an individual brushstroke producing an incredibly realistic detail. He attributes his finesse and skill with detail to his microscopic work in a medical laboratory.

His recent series of paintings are described as a fusion of realism and abstract expressionism. His medium of acrylics on canvas has produced a sensual fluidity to his art. His passion for nature photography further enhances his talent on the canvas.

Diaz has had solo exhibitions in Houston, Texas, and his paintings have been collected and featured in various art exhibits throughout Texas, Nevada and California.

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