re-envision to envision (something) again especially in a different way


\ (ˌ)rē-in-ˈvi-zhən\


to envision (something) again especially in a different way.

April 2020:

Big changes are happening at disegnoHTX. After 4.5 years and countless events and exhibitions, disegnoHTX has closed our physical gallery doors as we reinvent art life in a virtual way. Going forward, we will continue to bring art to the City, by hosting pop-up exhibitions around town in commercial and hospitality environments, making art accessible to the masses because well, “blank walls suck”. We will also be exploring virtual options, and diversifying our efforts to become more client-focused, working with our current and new collectors in a more personal way to enhance their collections.

Please continue to connect with us on social media to stay up to date on available works, art exhibitions and more!